my 2015 word

2015wordheader-01 There's a trend that's been floating around blogland for the last few years that I really love: #onelittleword. Women (and men, too, I guess!) choose a word that will be their theme for the year. A word to keep coming back to, a point of reference for all the million ways one gets pulled in a year. I picked a word last year, but it wasn't really tied to anything. Meaning, I sort of just picked something that sounded good, without really putting any meaning behind it. It didn't really have anything to do with where I was in life or that season.

This year, I didn't really choose a word, per say, it just kind of happened as a result of my vision casting + goal setting session last week. I'll be posting a ton more later this week about my goals for 2015, so stay tuned for more details on my process, but the short story is that I used Lara Casey's Powersheets for the first time ever and it was a game-changer. As I worked through the Powersheets, tying everything back to my core, my word just materialized. It was glaringly obvious what I desired for myself and my family this year, and what I truly believe the Lord is desiring for us as well.

And that is less.

Less stuff. Less clothes, less clutter, less possessions without heart value filling our home. Less time spent cleaning and maintaining all those material goods. Less worry and anxiety and stress. Less spending money on things that do not line up with our core values. Less mess. Less excess.

I dared to ask myself audacious questions for the first time ever. Questions like, what if I did less? Worked less? Said yes less? Put less things on my to-do list? What if I tried to strive less, achieve less, be less focused on perfection and more focused on the process? What if I spent less time in front of my computer screen, and more time in the Word? Or outside? Or face-to-face with people I love? What if I instagrammed less and wrote more letters? What if I checked my phone less and checked my heart more?

And the answers to those questions lined up to be a life that I deeply desired, a life that I feel the Lord quietly whispering deep down in my soul, is for me.

For almost my whole life, "less" has been a dirty word to me. Nothing less than an A in school (except that one time I got an actual F in a college course, which is another story altogether.) As I really dove into my business, I wanted to be the best photographer, with the fancy boutique products and packaging and the fancy price tag to match. I never got there, and that still makes me want to turn my face away in shame. Because anything less than the best isn't worthy, right?

Except that's not right, and that mentality is not how I want to live my life. And I walked out of the noisy, busy Starbucks last Friday morning after spending a few hours dreaming, thinking, planning, writing and praying feeling lighter than ever.

Less. There's a world of possibility in that.

Because with everything, there's its opposite, right? Less stress, more freedom. Less anxiety and worry, more trust in the Father. Less stuff, more life. Less spending, more saving. Culling the excess to make room for margin. Less striving, more grace. I could go on and on.

It's completely against my nature to rest in less. Like even typing this makes me want to select all and hit delete. Can I really tell people that less might just be a better way, for me, and maybe for you? I don't know how it will play out. Maybe at the end of this year I'll be wishing I had more tchotchkes in my house or had said yes to more work projects. All I know is that I truly think this is what the Lord is asking for me and my family this year, and we're saying yes.

Yes to less.