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2015-01-05_0001 Hello, hello, friends!! Welcome to a brand-new year! I took two and a half blissful weeks off and it was glorious. It's so funny to me to think about how worried I was that I wouldn't be able to really take that time off...that there would be emails, crises, the list goes on and on. But, of course, none of that happened because the rest of the world was also taking time off to be with their loved ones. Of course, I didn't do much of any of what I planned to do (organizing, cleaning, etc.) but I did do a lot of sleeping in, reading, eating, baking and laughing with friends. I'm easing back into the swing of things today and thought I'd kick off this new year of blogging with a little currently post!



Eating / whole30 but I would probably run to Starbucks in a swimsuit on this -6 degree day, I want a latte so bad. Day 1 of whole30 is always SO HARD. Drinking / tons of water today (trying at least!) our house is SO dry and I'm really feeling it lately. Practicing / single-tasking. yep, the exact opposite of multi-tasking. doing ONE thing and one thing only at a time. Mastering / I don't really think I'm mastering much these days, except the art of starting over, which is maybe the best thing to master after all. Learning / all about electrical as I listen to my dad and one of his contractors work on our laundry room. that pops of mine is one SMART dude. Trying / to finalize my 2015 business budget. This is a super tough area for me and one that requires tons of patience, grace and prayer. Playing / triviacrack...I am ashamed to say! Finishing / the last of my post-Christmas cleaning and putting away. It's so nice to start fresh, isn't it? Reading / The Nesting Place. Oh my gosh, it's changing my life. Remembering / progress over perfection. progress over perfection. progress over perfection. Wearing / fleece lined leggings + smart wools forever and ever amen. Working / on a fun collaboration with Blessed Is She. Can't wait to show you! Traveling / nowhere in the plans, yet. Matt and I are doing our 2015 dream sesh at our Thursday night date night so, stay tuned :) Wanting / that aforementioned latte. And also, a heated blanket. Because #winter.

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