capsule wardrobe // 04

capsulewardrobewinter-01 Hooray! Now that we are basically halfway through December, it's time to unveil my winter capsule (ha ha!) This is my third go-around with a capsule wardrobe and it keeps getting easier and even more awesome. You can see my summer capsule here and fall capsule here, and my process for starting it here. I should mention that this "capsule wardrobe" idea is NOT original, and I get almost 100% of my inspiration, tools, tips and tricks from Caroline and Unfancy. She's a rockstar.

As I was putting this blog post together, I realized that my winter capsule is almost entirely thrifted + gifted, which is great for me because I spent zero dollars on this season's wardrobe, but might be frustrating to you who see pieces you love and read that I found it at Goodwill. I know I get irritated when looking at Pinterest and blogs, finding THE perfect piece and then reading "perfect sweater that looks exactly like the one I've been searching for for months: vintage" OF COURSE IT'S VINTAGE AND I'LL NEVER FIND IT. So, sorry about that.

I'll be blogging a lot more about money and Matt and I's journey in the new year, but suffice it to say that we live on VERY little. We are super blessed with wonderful parents and had a ton of our home furnishings and decor from college, we spend the bulk of our dollars that don't go to bills on really good food, but we have very, very little each month for "play money." We don't go to movies, we don't go out to eat, and I don't go shopping. Meaning, I had a budget of $0 for clothes this season. It wasn't a big deal and I truly didn't NEED anything, but there are definitely a few pieces on my wish a puffy vest, black heels and a black blazer. Maybe next year!

I didn't do the worksheets or anything this time around, because I had a pretty good idea from my fall capsule and really, my clothes don't change TOO much from fall to winter. Given the choice, I will wear leggings or skinnies with a long button down flannel shirt or tunic and throw on a cardigan or blazer if I'm cold. Indiana is COLD in the winter so I'm all about layers and practicality. You'll also see that with my shoes. No cute flats or anything for wintertime. I HATE cold, wet feet and it's basically a guarantee that unless you wear boots December-March, you will have cold, wet feet. I kept one pair of heels in for Christmas, a wedding at the end of this month and Valentine's Day, but otherwise it's all boots/waterproof options.

Also, Caroline at Unfancy recommends 37 items. I try to keep as close to that number as possible, but am not married to it. For me this whole tiny wardrobe thing is about the idea, and not beating myself up about rules. So I have 40 pieces this season, and I'm okay with that!

Here's what my capsules DON'T include:

  • sweatpants/loungewear | I have 3-4 pairs of lounge pants and 5-6 basic tees and tanks that I wear around the house
  • tshirts | I have a drawer of 10-12 basic tshirts from 5ks/college/etc that aren't included. These are clean the house/do yardwork/go for a run shirts
  • workout gear | I have a few pairs of workout leggings and 8-10 workout tanks that are not included
  • outerwear | some people include outerwear in their capsule, but I don't. I have a long military-type trench jacket, a raincoat and a peacoat for my outerwear
  • pjs / socks / underwear / camis | because, duh.
  • accessories | things like hats, scarves and jewelry aren't included. I still cull through these pieces often and have pared them down to my absolute favorites. I have 5 or so "fashion scarves", 4 warm knit scarves, a couple pairs of gloves/mittens, a handful of hats (beanies, ball caps, cute hipster-y hats) and a small amount of jewelry. I still think I have too many accessories, but I'm working on it.

Okay, ready? Let's see what's in my closet!


TIME PERIOD: DECEMBER, JANUARY, FEBRUARY (maybe March depending on how Indiana weather goes!)




 navy dress (rolled over from fall) • black maxi (rolled over from fall) • grey sweatshirt dress (this was a gift)



black leggings (rolled over from fall. I have two pair of these so I don't have to do laundry every other day) • tulle skirt (rolled over from fall)boyfriend jeans (pulled from storage)dark skinnies (rolled over from fall) • grey skinnies (rolled over from fall)

TOPS: 27

I'm splitting this into two categories: layering pieces like blazers, cardigans, ponchos and that vest, and actual top tops, like tees and button downs. First up: layering pieces.


open cardigan (rolled over from fall) • utility vest (rolled over from fall) • navy blazer (rolled over from fall, thrifted) • grey blazer (rolled over from fall) • ruffled poncho (pulled from storage, gifted) • geometric fringe poncho (gifted) • chunky cardigan (pulled from storage, thrifted--it's Oscar de la Renta and my favorite thrift find EVER!) • cable knit cardigan (pulled from storage, thrifted) •   (pulled from storage, thrifted)

stand alone tops:


white tunic tee (rolled over from fall, GAP last season, similar) • green henley tunic (rolled over from fall, Old Navy a few seasons ago, similar) • grey quilted top (rolled over from fall, jcrew factory last season, similar here) • grey sweater (rolled over from fall) • flannel button down (rolled over from fall, thrifted)  • jacquard top (rolled over from fall) • sweatshirt (rolled over from fall, ON a few seasons ago, similar) • drapey gray top (pulled from storage, F21 a few seasons ago, similar) • plaid button down (pulled from storage, thrifted) • flannel button down (stolen from my husband) • flannel button down (stolen from my husband) • pinstriped henley tunic (thrifted, from the men's section--they have better stuff!)cream sweater (pulled from storage) • alpaca sweater (pulled from storage, purchased on a crazy adventure to Peru a few years ago...) • letter sweater (pulled from storage--this was my mom's letter sweater for cheerleading in high school!)graphic tee (received for backing Wildly Co's kickstarter--they don't make adult sizes) • ruffled slip (pulled from storage, similar) • black hoodie tunic (gifted, similar)



nude pumps (rolled over from fall)saddle shoes (rolled over from fall) • duck boots (rolled over from fall, thrifted)ankle boots (rolled over from fall) • riding boots (rolled over from fall, thrifted)

one-off pieces: 2

these two pieces will each be worn one time, but I wanted to share them anyway. That ski sweater I found at an antique shop and will be worn on Christmas day and to an ugly sweater party (okay, so it will be worn twice) and I plan on wearing the black dress for Christmas Mass!


That's all, folks! What's in your capsule? Do you do a capsule? I'd love to hear!