December Goals

I LOVE December. I love everything about December. I love Advent and am diving deeper into the meaning of this liturgical season and what it means for me and my life and really loving this sweet time of longing and hope. I love Christmas and every single part of it (except maybe the juggling of all the different family/friend obligations...I'm not great at that yet!) I love driving down streets lined with brightly lit homes. I love the DJ Earworm annual mashup. I love the random acts of kindness. I love bundling up in flannel and sweaters and boots. And I love, I LOVE the hustle of December. I don't mean the stressful running-all-around-town-like-a-maniac hustle. I mean the super purposeful, focused WORK that comes right before some super deserved, soul-filling REST. December is that for me. I am working super intensely for the next two and a half weeks, so that I can be completely off from December 20-January 4th. Closing my Etsy shop, not checking in on social media, ignoring email. Complete and total break. Which means things are CRAZY now, but come December 20th, it's all footie pajamas, watching the fire on Netflix and all the peppermint hot cocoa my heart can stand. So while this goals list might seem crazy, it really excites me, because the reward for completing it all is some serious breathing room with the people I love most.

  • Complete my 2015 budget for my business
  • Complete our 2015 household budget with Matt
  • Contact all freelance clients to let them know I am transitioning away from freelance design, effective January 1st
  • Wrap up all outstanding design projects and send final files by December 19th
  • Update business website and all social media channels
  • Finish Christmas shopping by December 10th
  • Finish wrapping presents by December 12th
  • End of year organizing, physical + digital (I put dates for this on my calendar right after Making Things Happen and that is SO helpful, knowing I already have time blocked out to complete this super overwhelming task!)
  • Read "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens
  • Design stationery collections for Vallarina for 2015. BIG things coming, y'all!
  • Finish fundraising for The Archibald Project. Will you join me?!
  • Complete the essential oils business bootcamp. I'm learning SO much about Young Living and essential oils and can't wait to share more with you soon!

What are your goals? Are you working super hard this month to take some time off? I'd love to hear, and I'm cheering for you!


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