NOVGOALS-01 It's that time again...goals! I just got back from an incredible few days at the Making Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, NC (more on that tomorrow) and it totally kickstarted my heart in all the best ways. Setting goals is so so so important when it comes to making the things that matter most to you happen. But I also love Hayley's take on goals - "goals with grace." I think purposeful goals mixed with showing yourself a lot of grace is the secret sauce to making that dream life happen. So I'm pumped to hit the reset button this month and get myself back on track!

Here are my November goals:

  1. Complete a 1-month contentment challenge. I'll share more on this next week. I'm terrified and excited!
  2. Drink 2L of water every day. Yeah, thats a lot.
  3. Stick to our November budget. I've fallen into a terrible habit of unbudgeted spending, then "figuring it out later." I'm truly not honoring my husband and adding to his stress and workload by not being a good steward of our finances. This is a big big one for me this month, especially with Christmas (aka budget buster without some serious discipline!) right around the corner!
  4. Plan + prepare gluten-free/dairy-free/paleo meals for me and Matt. I've gotten SO off track with this and am paying the price in terms of my health. I feel achy, sluggish, headachy and in a fog constantly and I know it's because of the food I'm eating.
  5. Finish 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I'm only a few pages in and I can already tell it's going to be a perfect read for this season where my heart is longing for true contentment.

What are your goals this month? I'd love to hear!!


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