house update

Soooo much for that whole blog-every-day-in-October thing, huh? HAHA. As it turns out, trying to get a house ready to move into, on top of a crazy workload, is, well, crazy. I'm going to do the best I's what we've been up to in so far. In a little less than a week, we've managed to do the following on our little house:

  • vacuumed out the baseboard heaters in the living room, dining room, office, guest bedroom and master bedroom
  • scrubbed the baseboard heaters, baseboard trim window trim, door frames and doors in the living room, dining room, office, guest bedroom and master bedroom
  • sanded, patched holes, primed and painted the living room
  • sanded, patched holes, primed and painted the master bedroom
  • painted all the baseboard heaters, trim, window frames, door frames and doors in the master bedroom
  • sanded, patched holes and primed the office
  • sanded, patched holes and primed the dining room
  • scrubbed the living room wood floors
  • varnished the living room wood floors
  • scrubbed the master bedroom wood floors
  • pulled up the gross carpet in the office
  • scrubbed the linoleum under the carpet in the office in an effort to get rid of the animal smell
  • pulled up two layers of linoleum in the office (we think the smell is gone now - hooray!)
  • mowed the yard (front and back)
  • trimmed trees and cut down trees that needed to go in the front and back
  • moved about half of our apartment to the house (including our entire living room)

That looks like a lot and it's kinda felt like a lot, but there's still soooo much more to do. We are hoping to move the rest of our stuff and start calling it "home" (meaning, sleeping there!) on Wednesday. It's been kind of a weird transition because we don't have to be out of our apartment until October 31st, so it doesn't quite feel real that the house is OUR house and we'll actually be sleeping there at night. Right now it feels like a fun/exhausting side project...go work there during the day, come back to the apartment at night. I'm ready for the transition part to be over and to MOVE IN, once and for all.

I have soooo many dreams, plans and ideas for the #keinsleycottage beyond just getting it cleaned and painted. A kitchen overhaul, finishing the 1,000 square foot attic, a bay window seat in the dining room. I'm excited to share some of my inspiration over the next month as well as some of the fun things (and more surprises I'm sure we'll discover) we do.

Surprise number 1 was discovering that the den off the kitchen - which will be my office - had an awful animal smell. Not sure how I missed that at two showings. Don't underestimate the power of a candle, I guess. I mentioned that I sort of hate carpet and would want laminate in there someday, so my dad was like "let's just pull this carpet up now, then." And oh boy. Animal grossness galore.


We discovered about four layers of linoleum underneath the carpet, in various states of decay and disrepair. The black and white checked "tile" is actually just cheap peel-and-stick linoleum, that someone apparently tried to paint over. Underneath that are two more layers. It's just a smorgasbord of flooring in the Vallarina Creative Headquarters.

photo 1-2

Once we got the linoleum up (thanks mom!) and the walls primed, it's starting to look more like a place I can work. Envision bright white walls, gleaming laminate floors and tons of natural light streaming in the big window that runs the length of the room. Right!? (this photo doesn't show the linoleum removed--that just happened today and I forgot to snap a pic!)

photo 3-3

The house boasted some pretty weird colors, like this BRIGHT blue in the living room and entry, muddy beige in the master bedroom, jungle green in the guest bedroom and a dark brown in the dining room. The house doesn't have a ton of natural light, so the first order of business was getting some lighter colors on all the walls to brighten things up. The living room and entry are painted the same light grey as our apartment. The dining room will be the same. We picked a gorgeous, slate blue/grey for the master bedroom (it's Pacific Northwest inspired--I'm excited to share more later!) and the same aqua/seafoam for our kitchen. Jury is out on the guest bedroom. Thoughts?

photo 1-3

2014-10-06_0003photo 4-3

There's been total highs and lows--from "OH MY GOSH ITS OUR HOUSE I LOVE IT" to "OH MY GOSH WHY DID WE EVER THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA I WANT OUT." I've eaten pizza for like, the last ten meals and I haven't been paint-free in a week. Some days this all feels really exciting and fun, and other days I want to just bang my head against a wall and ask why on earth we thought it was a good idea to move. And some days, I hug rugs in Wal-Mart because I'm so excited to sink my toes into the plushy goodness. Side note: I'm not a huge WalMart fan, and I REALLY want one of those fuzzy West Elm flokati rugs but 1. they are mega expensive and 2. they aren't super practical with an animal and lots of dust that needs vacuumed. I did a lot of looking around online and just cant bring myself to spend $300 on a rug that will get dirty and stepped on and rolled around on and vacuumed a lot. So WalMart rug it is, and I daresay, it's pretty rad.


Scout is pretty unsure of the whole new house thing, but I think he'll warm up to it soon enough. We hope he loves his fenced-in backyard.

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It's coming along, this little house of ours. I'm excited for all the life that will happen here. I'm trying to keep that in mind when scrubbing years' worth of grime out of floorboard cracks--ha! Until next time....


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