Influence Conference 2014

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Oh, my gosh. WHAT a weekend. I spent the weekend at the Influence Conference, which I recommend x1000 for all you women/creatives/mamas/biz owners/believers out there. It was AMAZING. My best friend Chelsea flew in from New York for the weekend and we went together. There's roughly four million things I'm still processing and want to say about the incredible three days, but I have a feeling I'll be sorting through those feels and takeaways for awhile. Suffice it to say that it was life-changing, game-changing and soul-filling in every way. It was so amazing that I already bought my ticket for the 2015 conference. Haha!


The speakers, revivals and workshops did a number on my head and my heart. I walked away feeling so refreshed in my spirit and also my business. I have sooo many ideas that, for the first time, feel worth pursuing. I met friends in real life that I'd come to know over Instagram. I connected with movers and shakers, thinkers and doers, big hearted believers and go-get-em women from all over the country.

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It was a sweet reminder that I don't have to TRY for God's love or approval. That fight has already been won! He loves me in my mess. And if that isn't freeing, I don't know what is.


I feel re-energized. I used to write more candidly, more freely. My blog used to be a lot more vulnerable, open and raw. Writing has always been my first love. Before photography, before design. I loved to write. I string together words and blog posts FAR more easily than I create photographs or designs. But somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that my words didn't matter. That people were coming to my blog for photos and design. They didn't want to read my jumbled thoughts on life, marriage, faith, food, crafting, decorating and Jesus. And maybe that's true. But the difference now is that I am not letting that hold me back. Because I want to write about life, marriage, faith, food, crafting, decorating and Jesus. Those words are there, they've been there for a long time. And I want to start sharing them again.

I'm excited about all that is in store for me, my business and all the wonderful women I met. God is doing a BIG work here on the inter webs and community is the real deal, friends. I'm feeling so grateful tonight in the midst of moving, prepping for a craft show and roughly 8,000 other things I have going on. Because the truth is, I don't need a perfect business or house or marriage or life to be loved. God doesn't love me more when my house is clean or my inbox is empty. He doesn't! And the same goes for you. I hope you feel so loved and cared for, even in the midst of your mess, too. Happy Monday, sweet friends. Rest in your worth tonight!