fall essentials with warby parker

fallessentialsWPlow It is no secret that I LOVE fall. Hands down my favorite season. I mean, is there a soul on this earth who doesn't love the crunchy leaves, apple everything and every excuse to burn candles that smell like bonfire? It's the best! I posted my fall capsule wardrobe a couple weeks ago, but one thing I didn't share much about is how I add variety to my outfits through accessories. For a lot of people, 37 items of clothing can feel pretty restricting, yeah? But when you add accessories like jewelry, hats and glasses, the sky is the limit.

I've worn glasses since the 4th grade and have hated them for most of my life. It wasn't until glasses got cool a few years ago that I decided to embrace my near-sightedness and have fun with it. So I was PUMPED when eyeglass company Warby Parker entered the scene. I bought my first pair of Warby Parker frames over the summer and I can truly say for the first time in a long time, I truly love to wear my specs! They've become a staple in my wardrobe and I love creating outfits around them.

I wanted to share a peak at some of my fall essentials, complete with my favorite frames:


sweatshirt teeboyfriend jeanscamo jacketstatement necklacenavy nail polishbangles loaferssatchelglasses


And did you see? Warby Parker just launched their fall line, complete with 9 new styles! I have a feeling a pair or two will be making their way into my life. If you're in the market for glasses, I'd highly recommend WP. It was super easy to pick out a pair (try them all! it's free! I tried on 15 pair before deciding, haha!) and ordering online was a snap. And I cannot believe that I got prescription frames, AND donated a pair, for $95. You can't beat it! Here's a peak at their fall styles, below:


What do you think? I'm off to shop...and perfect my smirk face ;)