capsule wardrobe // 03

fallcapsuleheader-01 To say I'm excited for this particular capsule wardrobe is a total understatement. I LOVE FALL! And I feel like I belong in fall. I get fall. I know how to dress for fall. So I was super pumped putting together the latest installment in my capsule closet. (here's my journey to a capsule wardrobe and you can find my summer capsule right here.)

This is my third capsule that I've done. Spring was my one-month experiment, I got a little better with summer and found that it was even easier this time around! This is the first time I actually filled out the capsule wardrobe planner over on Caroline's Mecca-for-all-things-capsule-closet, Unfancy. HIGHLY recommend printing and filling out this planner if you're considering a capsule wardrobe for yourself. It was super helpful! I also realized that I overdid it a bit on my summer shopping. A 100% silk tank top is awesome, but not when you only wear it twice then need to have it dry cleaned. I bought several pieces that required special care, which helped me realize that although I love those pieces and the companies that make them (hello, Everlane) my lifestyle right now does not lend itself to weekly dry cleaning or super specific washing instructions. I'm still ruining laundry weekly (insert monkey-covering-eyes-emoji-here) so maybe someday when I grow up, I can have nice things. Ha! This time around, I tried to be a lot more practical when shopping (read: Old Navy instead of J.Crew!)

Some notes about this season's capsule:

  • I am ALL about layers in the fall, so I leaned heavily on pieces that can be worn under + over other pieces
  • Words associated with my style (a super helpful exercise from the wardrobe planner!): classic, casual, natural, effortless, attainable, low-key
  • Major colors: grey, white, black, navy, denim
  • Minor colors: cognac, hunter green
  • Accent colors: mustard, cobalt
  • As always, workout wear, sweats + lounge clothes, team wear (i.e. Colts jersey), accessories (including bags) and outerwear is not included in my capsule wardrobe, but everyone is different.
  • I'm not including shoes in this post, because my shoe situation is still being worked out. I nail the clothes part of fall, but shoes always get me. So I'm going to take my time and figure it out as I go rather than rush-purchase something just to blog about it! (See mom, sometimes I think things through ;))

Without further ado, here are my pieces + links if I can find them!




navy "fancy" dress (pulled from storage) • black maxi (rolled over from summer) • grey shirt dress (pulled from storage) • white linen dress (rolled over from summer because rules about "no white after Labor Day" were made to be broken) • tulle skirt (made by my mom)



denim cutoff shorts (rolled over from summer because nothing is better than jean shorts + a cozy hoodie around a campfire, amiright?!)ripped jeans • dark skinnies (pulled from storage) • grey skinnies (pulled from storage) • black jumpsuit (rolled over from summer) • black leggings (pulled from storage)



sweatshirt (rolled over from summer)open cardigan • utility vest (pulled from storage) • navy wool blazer (pulled from storage) • grey blazer (pulled from storage) • denim jacket (pulled from storage)grey sweater • army jacket (pulled from storage)


TOPS = 17

white tunic tee (pulled from storage) • green henley tunic (pulled from storage)black 3/4 sleeve • grey quilted top (pulled from storage)striped tee • flannel button down (pulled from storage) • white thermalspeckled heathered teejacquard top • black silk tank (rolled over from summer) • midwest is best tee (rolled over from summer) • baseball tee (pulled from storage) • chambray button down (rolled over from summer)


Are you doing a capsule wardrobe? I'd love to hear any tips or resources or how it's going for you!!