September goals

septembergoals-01 SEPTEMBER, already!! Feels crazy, doesn't it? It is officially my favorite season: fall (regardless of what the lunar calendar fall equinox blah blah says!) There are pumpkins at the grocery store and an apple candle burning away on my desk. Things feel possible in September. Maybe it was because it was always the start of school or because there's an extra level of hustle ingrained in our human nature with the winter coming...but whatever it is, I just love it.

And this monthly ritual of goal-setting has turned into a favorite. I love linking up with Hayley over at Tiny Twig to share our monthly goals. Join in!

Here's a recap of last month's and how I did:

  • Read one book for business and one book for pleasure // I'm still reading The Pumpkin Plan, but I'm counting this as done anyway!
  • Plan + shop for my fall capsule wardrobe // post on my picks coming tomorrow!
  • Send support letters for The Archibald Project (EEEEK!) // Okay, I didn't actually send the letters, but I DID work super hard on them + scheduled two fundraisers for September, so that's progress!
  • Spend an hour with Jesus at Adoration // womp womp


  • Read one book for business and one book for pleasure (I'm finishing this one for book club and eying this for business!)
  • Start Christmas planning (yes, this sounds CRAZY, but we budget like fools over here at Casa Keinsley and with buying a house this month, I want to make sure we are planning well in advance since the holidays are ALWAYS a budget-buster!)
  • Design Vallarina Christmas line (so SO excited about this!)
  • Barre 3x per week
  • Send support letters (FOR REAL this time!!)

What are your goals this month? I'd love to hear!!