travelcrush: san francisco

I'm leaving for Glacier National Park suuuuuper early on Saturday morning, and I think I learned a funny thing about myself this week: an upcoming trip makes me really wanderlusty and daydreamy about all the other places I want to travel. Does that happen to you? It feels like it should be the opposite...knowing you have a trip coming up should make you kinda settle down a bit, right? Except it totally doesn't for me. It's like "ooooh, I'm going here on Friday, and that makes me want to go there and there and there and..." Haha! So today, I'm dreaming about San Francisco. I was actually born in California (southern California) but have long dreamt of seeing the northern part. I'm secretly (ok, not so secretly) scheming for a road trip where Matt and I would fly into San Fran, rent a car and drive up through Seattle and Portland and onto Vancouver. (Did I get that order right? I always forget which state borders CA, Oregon or Washington. I guess I could open Google and stop typing this stupid sentence, but I'm not going to. So there.)

I'll see you someday, San Francisco.



(C) Ashley Jordan Gordon

photos from top left: one / two / three / four / five

P.S. every waterfront bar in San Francisco.