the monday currently // 02

Happy Monday, friends!! I'm back in blog land after a two week hiatus. Hoping I now have my act together again and am not so all over the place...we will see. I feel a little scattered these days. In an effort to jumpstart this little space again, here's one of my favorite series--The Monday Currently! +++

Eating / super clean again. I'm starting a Whole30-esque plan again today. I'm going on a weeklong trip next week so I'm not going to freak out about the strict rules, but I AM avoiding wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, alcohol and all the nasty preservatives and stuff as much as possible. I am learning that my food choices not only affect how I physically feel, but they have a HUGE effect on my stress levels and anxiety. Ain't nobody got time for that! Today's delish lunch is tuna salad in a hollowed out cucumber guys, this is THE BEST LUNCH. crunchy, filling, fresh, and using up all those garden cucumbers. I've been eating it for weeks! Drinking / La Croix errryday. I was so skeptical of this stuff and hated it at first, but I'm hooked now! Practicing / taking the weekends off. Hard, but so good. Mastering / push-ups. Matt and I are doing a daily pushup challenge as he trains for the next police process. We add one push up every day. Today we do 17! I'm keeping up and surprising myself. Learning / how to hand letter. It's been such a fun little side experiment and one that I'm really falling in love with. Trying / to prioritize working out. I WILL go to class today at 4:30...I will...yep. Playing / not nearly enough, and that needs to change. Finishing / a super secret project that Chelsea and I are launching in two weeks. I can hardly stand the wait. Reading / Longbourne. I am obsessed. Also The Pumpkin Plan for business. The Giver is up next. Remembering / that life is way too short to not pursue what you love most. Wearing / my summer capsule outfits for one more week until switching to my fall capsule. so pumped! Cooking / peach anything. I'm on a peach craze. Working / like a crazy person. period. dot. Traveling / to Glacier National Park this week with my parents! beyond excited for a week of unplugging + regrouping in my fave of God's creation--the mountains. Wanting / this house-buying process to be DONE so we can get this moving in + decorating show on the road. le sigh.