2014-07-31_0050 I follow a guy on Instagram named Jedidiah Jenkins. He is riding his bike from Oregon to Patagonia, and his posts ALWAYS make me smile. I just had to share this one.

"In a world where planes can be shot out of the sky, Gaza is a moral disaster, and hundreds of girls can be abducted in Nigeria without justice... It is easy to believe that we are without hope as a species. That this world is a nasty broken failure. But let me tell you this: I have been living in the constant presence of strangers in foreign countries for 11 months. I have probably met 2,000 people that didn't know me or have any reason to be nice to me. But they were. They helped me, they fixed my bike, they let me sleep in their barn or their house. They fed me for free. They had nothing to gain from me but the chance to do good and share a laugh and some broken English or simple Spanish. Goodness is the norm on this planet. Kindness is king. The darkness is the exception and will ultimately lose every time. We live in a world where dolphins will play with you and bright yellow beetles will land on your thumb out of the sky, do a little turn as if they are certainly showing off to make you proud, and fly away. The world is, in spite of the shadows, a brilliantly bright shining place."