the honeymoon part 2: madrid

Oh my gosh, you guys. Do you know what Timehop showed me this morning? That one year ago, I was exploring the medieval walled city of Avila, Spain with my husband of three weeks. We were on our honeymoon and having the time of our lives. And I realized earlier this week that although I took hundreds of photos in Madrid, I put them on my computer and never looked at them since...until yesterday!! Going through these photos was like opening a treasure chest, remembering the adventures, the sweltering heat of Madrid, the three-times-a-day gelato stops, the four-hour afternoon siestas. I'm almost glad these photos were left forgotten on a hard drive for a year, because coming back to them yesterday was oh so sweet. So, LONG overdue, here are some snapshots of our glorious, whirlwind, dreamy week in Madrid!

PS: Barcelona & Girona


We rented an apartment again, just like we did in Barcelona. It was on the cutest street and there was a cafe that served the best churros and horchata on the corner.

Madrid is very colonial and so, so beautiful.

One of my very favorite things to do on my travels is visit cathedrals. It's amazing how these huge churches were built so long ago, without modern technology, for the sole purpose of worshipping God. Absolutely awe-inspiring.

We hunted for treasures and souvenirs at El Rastro street market...

And spent awhile wandering through the gorgeous botanical gardens!

We spent a HOT afternoon being super lazy in Retiro Park. Favorite part of the trip for sure.

We took two day trips, too. The first was to Toledo, an incredible, walled city with a huge fortress on a hill called the Alcazar. It was wild!

We also visited Avila, which still has its medieval walls intact. You can walk along the top of them!! It was SO neat. And the Avila cathedral is THOUSANDS of years old.

Such a dreamy trip. Can't wait to go back someday!