insta faves // 01

Confession: I am in LOVE with Instagram. A few months ago, I hated it. Every time I scrolled through my feed, I felt inadequate and not cool enough. It seemed like everyone had these picture-perfect lives and I just didn't understand. I slowly started unfollowing accounts that made me feel bad about myself and following people whose life outlook and personal philosophies I loved, instead of accounts who had perfect photos. I also took an awesome Instagram class from Hey, Sweet Pea which was totally a game-changer. I thought I'd share some of my favorite IG follows. Instagram is turning into such a true community for me, where real and real-live friendships are being formed. It's really, really cool to see. So grateful for that. The internet can be cool sometimes, eh?

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01. @natalie creates // 02. @wanderingwithmary // 03. @simonandmoose // 04. @heysweetpea