noblesville rotary club

I'm flying home from Seattle today after a wonderful weekend photographing my dear friend's wedding,--can't wait to share photos this week! I wanted to share a bit about the website I developed for the Noblesville Rotary Club. I actually assumed the role as president of this club two weeks ago--eeks! I got involved as a member a little over a year ago and quickly fell in love with the mission of Rotary and the potential for the Noblesville club to make a major impact right here in our own community. I'm really excited for my year as president and for how much our club is growing and expanding.

One of the best parts about being a designer is bringing my skills and services to people and organizations who truly benefit from a more polished look. The Noblesville Rotary Club had no web presence before I joined, so its been fun to get the website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram up and running. I really wanted a fresh and fun look for the website to attract a younger generation of do-gooders. I really love how the site turned out. You can visit it here!