The Archibald Project has a brand new website!

IMG_7299 Oh man, I can hardly contain my excitement over this website launch. EEEEEP! The Archibald Project's brand-new website launched this morning. You might remember that this is the organization I went to Africa with, and now I'm working for them as their Creative Director. When Whitney approached me about helping them build a new web presence, and requested that they used Wordpress, I gulped and said "sure! I can totally do that." What ensued was four weeks of relentless googling, trial and error, learning to code, design mock-ups and edits, more googling, lots of texts back and forth with Whitney full of emojis, more than a few head-on-desk moments, four live chats with the hosting company, many tweets asking for help, a thrown computer mouse (I inherited my dad's project-induced frustration, whoops) and now: a brand-new website.

This was the biggest and most complex site I've ever built. It has sooo many pages, tons of internal links, galleries, it needed three years' worth of blog posts to be moved from their previous site platform without losing any content/comments/likes...the list goes on. So many times I almost picked up the phone to tell Whitney there was no way I could do that...and then I'd pray, usually somewhat frustrated. Those prayers would go a little like this, " Um, okay God. I did not ask for this job. You brought this job to me and I think it's totally unfair that you gave me a job that is having me do something I have NO IDEA how to do so if you could go ahead and direct me to a solution to this problem for the 105th time that would be PRETTY GREAT OKAY." And it always worked! And now, due largely in part to the best personal assistant to ever exist (Google), loooooots of coffee and many, many hours, it is here.

Pour yourself some coffee, put on some good tunes, and spend some time digging through the new site. There are so many stories of redemption and renewal, hope through heartbreak, and families and individuals who are speaking life into abandoned children's lives, who are casting light into the darkness. I'm so PUMPED to be part of this team. Happy Monday!