capsule wardrobe // 02

IMG_5854 I talked a bit in the last post about my journey to a capsule wardrobe and how I came up with mine. I experimented with my first set of 37 items this spring. Some things worked, some things didn't. I planned on carrying over my exact same capsule through summer, but after test-driving some outfits on some HOT + humid Indiana days recently, I realized a few things needed tweaking. Indiana truly has four seasons--a beautiful, mild spring; a hot and sticky summer; a breezy, crisp and gorgeous fall (with an indian summer thrown in there some years); and a cold + snowy winter. I could skip Indiana summer altogether, I'm so not a fan of the heat and humidity. Figuring out a summer capsule was a challenge...summer is typically the season where I live in running shorts + old tshirts more than ever, so coming up with a list of outfit pieces to fit this least favorite season took a lot of thought. I realized that I really love breezy tanks and really only need ONE sweatshirt and a very light button down to throw on for cooler nights (planning on using my chambray for this.) That's the thing--I realized that I don't need 6 jackets/cardis/hoodies in my closet...I wear ONE maybe a handful of times throughout the summer. So I picked my very favorite + most versatile and said goodbye to the rest! You can definitely see my "uniform" and colors reflected throughout this wardrobe...lots of denim, bits of yellow and bold blues, but mostly neutrals. There's a cohesiveness that is easy to see when everything is side-by-side. That's what you're aiming for!

Note: the following items are NOT included in my capsule wardrobe numbers: workout clothes (leggings, running shorts, tops, etc.), socks, underwear, bras, mow-the-lawn tshirts, sweats + pajamas, bathing suits, sports apparel (i.e. my Colts jersey, my college hoodie, etc.), outerwear (white raincoat, light utility jacket), wedding photography uniform (black tunic, black leggings), camis to wear under shirts and sweatshirts

Now here's the catch--those items above that aren't in my official capsule wardrobe means I have to hold myself to not using any of those items as real outfits. Jersey on game day? Totally cool. Wore workout clothes to the gym, had a nonstop day and never had a chance to change? Obviously okay. But getting up and purposely getting dressed in running shorts + tshirt? Kind of defeats the purpose of this whole thing. SO. What is in my capsule wardrobe? I break it down below, with photos + shopping links!




 • pink textured (vintage) • black maxigrey midi



white linen (bought on sale!) • dressy turquoise (mod cloth, no longer available, similar) • black maxi (old navy, no longer available, similar)


TOPS = 15

 • black silk tank • cream ruffle (super old from old navy) • yellow tie front (super old from a british boutique) • reversible swingy tank • loose grey cap sleeve (old, from target) • basic white tee • graphic teebaseball shirt • drapey grey shirt (old, from forever21) • graphic sweatshirt (super old, from old navy) • green open cardi (old) • chambray button-down (old, from urban outfitters, similar) • drapey black vee (super old, from target) • linen striped tank • denim short sleeve (old, converse onestar brand from target)



• khaki shorts (old, from target) • black shorts (old, from target) • denim cutoffs (old, pull & bear, similar) • yellow linen pants (old, boutique, similar)boyfriend jeanswhite jeans • overalls (thrifted) • printed harem pants (from uganda!) • black jumpsuit (express, not available online)

not included: old jeans for yard work + home projects



• wedges (TJ maxx, similar) • nude pumpsleather sandalsponscognac flats • yellow kitten heels (old, from modcloth) • wellies (super old!)

not included: cowboy boots (I am wearing them for one concert this summer and that's all), running shoes (only worn for running, never with outfits), dog walking flip flops (only worn for this + lake days)


Next up on Monday, I'll share some actual outfits made with these pieces + styles with accessories, so you can see just how many options there really are, even with a limited wardrobe. Happy weekend!

(PS, I technically cheated with 38 instead of 37. This was for two reasons...I wasn't going to put those printed pants on my official list, because I considered them lounge pants, but I was wearing them to one too many errand runs/lunch dates to not consider them an official item. Same for my rain boots...I only wear them when it's raining, but that's often enough that I felt like I should count them. So without those two on-the-fence pieces, I'd have 36!)