june goals

photo Man...another month whooshed by. They are NOT kidding about the whole "the time just keeps going faster" thing. Wow! Somehow it's June, summer is officially here and life is in full swing. Sitting down to write out my goals for the month was super helpful last month, so I'm making it a regular thing--both in my journal and here on the blog!

To recap, here were May's goals:

  • Finish my capsule wardrobe planning and make a concrete, realistic list of the pieces I need. Commit to not buying any other clothing items that aren’t on that list NO MATTER HOW CUTE (this is going to be HARD, guys.) -- CHECK! Blogging about this next week.
  • No “stuff” purchases this month. Aside from the handful of clothing pieces to finish my capsule wardrobe, I’m committing to not buying any things through this month. Dinner out with friends is okay, gas and groceries and gifts for others are okay. I’ve been really captivated by this idea of the contentment challenge and want to discover the freedom from things. -- CHECK! I did a pretty great job of this last month. We had a lot of gifts to buy, but I didn't purchase a single bottle of nail polish (major win!)
  • stay on the #lampandlight scripture challenge and continue to make time to read through Proverbs and journal with my new VMP prayer journal -- struggled with this. Trying again this month.
  • focus on clean eating and not giving in to quick-fix meals…I am starting to feel the effects of all the junk my body is not wired to handle building up and it’s the worst. Keeping in mind that, while its tough, avoiding dairy and gluten is to honor the way God made me and focus on that perspective instead of the “rules” and “restrictions.” -- struggled. 
  • prioritize workouts and make the most of that barre studio membership! -- CHECK! went to barre 3x a week for the most part :)
  • Date night with Matthew…even if that means cooking at home and reading the blessing jar. -- not so much. maybe this month!
  • finish the back patio project --CHECK! You can see it here


  • Complete my Whole30...today is day 2!
  • Prioritize morning prayer and Scripture...every morning! Scripture before social media :)
  • Get back to the barre after my break for the half marathon
  • At least one date night with Matthew, sans phones
  • Keep bedtime screen-free...make a new habit of drinking sleepy tea + reading instead of scrolling social media before falling asleep
  • Read 3 books (I've barely read at ALL in two months!)

What are your June goals? I'd love to hear!