our family photos

I never quite understood when people called themselves a family, but had no kids. It's been a funny revelation to realize that "families" don't have to mean two parents and a couple of little ones. The minute Matt and I said "I do," we became a family. Typing that brings the biggest smile to my face. We remind each other of that often--WE'RE a family now. We're starting traditions that we'll someday, God willing, share with our kids...but our new family tree has already begun. So it's fun to share these "family" photos with you all. We met the sweet Caitlin Sullivan a couple weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday morning and wandered around cute, quaint downtown Zionsville. We had our Christmas photos taken right before we adopted Scout and he wasn't in them, so we needed some shots of our whole family unit! Suffice it to say, I am in LOVE with these photos. The scrunchy face laughter, the ones of Scout with his grumpy face or doing some goofy thing, I look at these photos and they sum up everything about this season of life...which I know will be gone before I know it. Photos are SO powerful, people. I'm so grateful for souls like Caitlin who share their talents and hearts with the world and give us gifts we'll cherish for a lifetime!