everything, everyday

desk1-01 Recently, I realized something that I think is going to completely transform my workflow and the way I structure my days. As a creative small business owner, a one-lady show running this dream business out of the closet off my living room, it takes a lot of discipline and self-motivation to make things happen. I'm pretty good at being a self-starter and buckling down. But I realized when I make my daily to-do lists, I'm trying to do a little bit of everything, every day. When you're running the show all by yourself, every aspect of business falls under your job description. I'm doing contracts, emailing, billing, invoicing, researching and setting prices, receipts, marketing, social media, planning and executing blog posts, not to mention the whole meat of it all--the designing and photo sessions. Not to mention all the other stuff outside of Vallarina, like keeping up with my Uganda posts and figuring out how to back as soon as possible, staying on top of things to do with my Rotary club and my upcoming year as club president, and all the household stuff (#housewifestatus). I'm overwhelmed! And I don't think it's a matter of giving up anything, because there truly isn't anything I can or want to give up. I think it's a matter of working smarter. At the end of pretty much everyday, despite working nonstop and running around like crazy, I feel like I don't have much to show.

So, creative biz owners who are smarter than me, or have just been around the block a time or two and learned some tricks of the trade, help me out! Especially if you're a one-person shop and work from home. Do you do invoices and contracts on Mondays? Save all the laundry for Thursdays? Or find a way to do it all every day and still feel accomplished? I'm all ears...