my leaner closet

2014-03-31_0001 As you may have seen on Instagram, I did a no-holds-barred closet purge this weekend! I've been super inspired by the "Lean Closet" series from Cuyana and loved reading other creatives' experience with paring down their wardrobe, like Breanna of Rowan Made and Emma of EmmaDime. I've been gradually purging since the new year, tossing a few items every two or three weeks, and I think that's been really helpful in getting me to the point where I was ready to just do the complete top-to-bottom makeover. I love that Cuyana's guiding principle is "fewer, better things." That's a mantra I can stand behind! Yes, you end up spending more money up front, and it's a little alarming to fork over a hundred dollars for one item. As I've started researching new items for my newer, leaner wardrobe, I'm drawn to companies like Everlane who believe in transparency in their production. I want to ensure that my dollars are going to a fair wage and sustainable production practices. It's not possible to know for 100% sure, but the more you know and research the companies you're buying from, the better off you are. And because these companies are smaller and using higher quality materials, their products are going to cost more. Quality over quantity is definitely a new thing I'm embracing!

I wanted to get my key pieces (shorts, pants, jackets, tops, dresses, skirts) into the 25-30 piece range. I'm still over that number at the moment but I want to wait and see which pieces I use consistently, now that there are so many less to choose from, and continue to cull once I figure out what I'm most drawn to. Sidenote: bras, underwear, bathing suits, pajamas, lounge clothes (sweats and hoodies) and workout clothes are not included in that number. There's a ton of info out there on the internet about creating a "capsule wardrobe" if you're interested!

I'm really excited about my closet overhaul and just walking in there is so much calmer than it was before. My whole wardrobe is contained in this small section and I can easily find the pieces I'm looking for. I highly recommend giving your closet a makeover, too! Start small, and don't expect to accomplish it all in one day. If you're anything like me, you'll cull until you think you're done, then cull and cull and cull some more. And because you'll be shopping for higher quality items, replenishing your wardrobe with those few key pieces you might need will take awhile. Don't get discouraged. Save up, and then invest in that awesome Madewell blazer, knowing you'll keep it forever.