Friday freebie: Philippians 4:19


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Happy friday, friends! I'm really looking forward to a weekend of rest and relaxation and planning for a few spring projects we're gearing up for here at Casa Keinsley. We decided to post-pone moving for another year, so we're going to invest a teeny bit of money into getting our little home exactly how we want it in the meantime. Read: I'm finally pulling together our back porch!

I'm really excited to share this design freebie with you all today. I am definitely in a season of intense questioning and feeling SO in limbo. Waiting to hear if Matt got the police job we've been hoping for and praying about for over a year. On the heels of that decision/news come a whole host of other questions...where will we live? Will we be moved? What is God's plan for starting our family? Are we called to adoption? Should we move to Africa (yes, that's a serious question in my mind daily, much to my husband's confusion!) In seasons like this one, it's easy to feel like God is so far away, to feel like we are a solo ship in a great big ocean. But as I've been praying over the past few weeks and months, somewhat desperately, for answers, I keep getting these bits of encouragement, like God is whispering to me, "just keep going, I've got it." I'm being reminded on all sides, through Scripture, people and a slew of other things, that God has not abandoned us. I felt really moved to create this encouragement for you all, to hang in your office or home or set as your computer or phone background, just to remind you. God provides for all our needs. We may think we need that job transfer or the new house, but God has an INCREDIBLE plan and I'm constantly awed by His love and care for me. When I look back at the crazy crooked path of my life, I can so clearly see how God was writing my story and truly "writing straight with crooked lines."

Be encouraged! God is caring for you. He is meeting your every need and will continue to do so every moment of your every day.

You are so loved! Have a wonderful weekend <3