ferus avem // lisa walks

This winter, I had the awesome opportunity to work with my wildly talented friend, Lisa Walker, on her new album. Lisa released an EP earlier this year and needed some design done. She had awesome photos to work with and wanted an earthly, mellow vibe. When I asked her to describe her album, her words were "simple. vulnerable." After lots of revisions and tons of patience on Lisa's part, I'm so proud of what we created.

:: check out Lisa's music on iTunes :: she's also a photographer :: and really good at instagram ::

front cover design by Lisa Walker // photos by Kaitlyn Meeks

:: We went through tons of revisions before getting each piece exactly right. I always love looking back on the design process and seeing how projects evolve from the first concepts to the final design. Here are a few of the early concepts for the CD as well as the front cover ::