SoCal trip 2014

Last weekend, Matt and I traveled to Southern California with my family to celebrate my papa's turning 85. Oh, what a guy my papa is!! It was SO good to see all my aunts and uncles--my dad has 6 siblings and they haven't all been together in who knows how long--as well as my cousins. We partied at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, a perfect spot to celebrate my sweet papa, a veteran fighter pilot in the Air Force and a lover of all things airplane-related.

On Sunday, Matt and I rented a car and cruised down to Los Angeles. First stop: Griffith Park Observatory! We oohed and ahhed over the Hollywood sign and ewwwwwed over the amount of smog hanging over the LA skyline. Serious smog. Gross.


Next up, we visited Hollywood! I was kind of underwhelmed, actually. I expected everything to be paved in gold and sparkling once we turned the corner onto Hollywood Avenue. Umm...nope. Just another street...kinda dirty...lots of weirdos. It was pretty cool to see the place where the Oscars is, and see Mann's Chinese Theater.

We were going to head to the Santa Monica pier after some margaritas in Hollywood, but my parents called and said to meet them in Laguna. We weren't even out of Hollywood traffic yet, so we said sure! If Hollywood and LA in general was less than thrilling, Laguna was AWESOME. Definitely putting this place on my visit-again list!