Fab Freebie: Work Hard & Be Kind

Happy Friday, pretty people! I am on my way to sunny southern California this evening for a whirlwind quick trip to see family, celebrate my papa's 85th birthday and spend one day exploring Los Angeles with Matt! I am SO excited. I bought new fonts this week, which makes me feel soooo extra fancy (#designerthrills) and whipped up this background real quick with one of my new pretty typefaces! This mantra is one of my favorites. The hate these days is crazy! It seems like everywhere I turn around, on social media especially, is negative comment after negative comment, mostly things people would NEVER say in real life, but we have this false boldness and carelessness that comes from hiding behind our screen. So, here's my motto. Keep your chin up, work really, really hard and be really, exceptionally kind and amazing things will happen. I promise!

:: free desktop download here ::

P.S...prints of this are coming soon to my Etsy shop!