Taylor + Jonathon :: the proposal

Right around Christmas, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a proposal! A real-life, down-on-one-knee proposal right before my very eyes. It was THE BEST THING EVER. This was the second proposal I'd photographed and let me just say, guys, hit me up if you want photos of the moment! I could seriously do this every day for the rest of forever. Taylor is the little sister of my dear friend, Meg. Taylor's guy, Jonathon, is a marine who is being deployed overseas in the not-too-distant-future. After a few changes to the plan as to when Jonathon could come home to Indiana and pop the question, we arranged for it to happen in the afternoon at a nearby park. This was all arranged through Meg, who is possibly my favorite person ever. When she mentioned the park, I was all for it, remembering that there was a pretty bridge there, which would be a perfect place for Jonathon to pop the question. I didn't have a chance to tell Jonathon this before the shoot, though, so I was kind of winging it, hoping I could somehow give him a "do it now!" signal without being too obvious.

Taylor's mom cleverly said that she got Taylor and Jonathon a photo session as one of their Christmas gifts, making the whole "let's go get pictures taken" thing totally not suspicious. Thanks for that, mama Soultz! As soon as Taylor and Jonathon got out of the car, it felt like I was hanging out with old friends. They are so sweet together and so fun to be around! Jonathon immediately said, "So Meg tells me there's a cool bridge here? Let's go there." Bingo, plan solidified.

I posed them for a few shots on the way to the bridge...

I could tell Jonathon was anxious to get the show on the road, so a few minutes later it was go time! They walked to the middle of the bridge and I snapped away...

Jonathon told her some things that I'm sure were oh-so-cute that I couldn't overhear...

Taylor probably caught on to what was about to happen and then BOOM! One knee + a ring!

Jonathon's smile says it all. True joy! Moments like these are what I live for as a photographer. I hope every time they see this photo for the rest of their lives together, they will remember the infinite joy they felt in this very moment. Ah! Cue the tears.

We wandered around and snapped a bit more engagement photos. Also a new favorite? Engagement pictures moments after the actual engagement! The emotion and poses are so genuine! Guys, seriously, let's plan. I'm all about this.

Taylor and Jonathon, THANK YOU for letting me capture this beautiful milestone for you!! Can't wait to be part of your wedding day next spring!!