apples + warmth + sunshine

In cleaning up my computer files and folders, I've run across a lot of photos I've taken and loved, but never shared here. Believe it or not, in between all the scheduled shoots and weddings, there is life, and candid photos, and picking up the camera "just for fun," and this day I'm about to share was one of those days. I think I'll share a lot more of these kinds of days here on the blog! One day last October, my sweet friend Sarah invited me to come along to the apple orchard with her and her sweet littles. I had never been apple picking before (!!) despite growing up my whole life in Indiana (that I remember, anyway) and I LOVED it. New fall tradition for sure! Sweet Rocco was suuuuper into apples at this point in his life and was content to sit under the "bapple" trees and go to town. Lena is a little bit more wily and hard to photograph. Such a spirited little love! I ADORE this family and these kids and absolutely loved spending the afternoon with them.

Plus, when it's -7 degrees for what feels like the MILLIONTH day in a  row (will it ever end?) it's nice to remember that other seasons, and warmth, and sunshine still exist out there…somewhere :)