Mission Monday: my incredible team

Happy Monday! I expected to be way more tired this Monday morning after the excitement of the Super Bowl but let's face it--it was a total snooze fest, am I right? The game was awful (I was cheering for the Broncos) and I was so unimpressed by the commercials! Except for the "America the Beautiful" one--that one was, truly, beautiful. Anyway, another Monday, another mission post! It's hard to believe that I'll be heading to Uganda in just a little over THREE WEEKS. What!! And in that time frame, I'm also squeezing in a quick trip to southern california with my husband and family to celebrate my papa's 85th birthday. Busy, busy! I have a best friend's birthday to celebrate, husband's birthday to celebrate, Valentine's Day and a whole lot of design work in the queue. Whew, February, you're going to FLY by! And then it's Africa time, and then when I get back it's practically mid-March. YOWZERS.

Today, I really want to focus on how grateful and excited I am for my mission team. At first, the idea of spending a week with 10 total strangers, while exciting and thrilling, made me a little nervous. I'm an outgoing and generally likable person, I like meeting new people and feel fairly confident that I can mesh with any group. But there's the inevitable questions. "Will they like me?" "They all seem SO much cooler than me." "What if I totally don't fit in!" You know, the classic, 7th-grade insecurity questions that never really go away (do they?!) So I was so excited to discover, over the past couple weeks, that I think we will all get along juuuuust fine. Our fearless leaders, Nick and Whitney, set up a Facebook group for our team where we ask questions, share information and recently, answer hilariously random questions three times a week posted by my teammate Sam. It's been so fun to read people's answers and get to know each other a little better. These people are all funny, down to earth, passionate about service and really love the Lord. And not to mention they are all AMAZINGLY talented creatives!

Take Whitney and Nick, for example. Their photography is STUNNING and I absolutely love looking at their work on their website.

Or Katie, who in addition to having a beautiful Instagram feed (and thousands of followers, literally!) takes gorgeous photos as well.

Then there's Keary and Justin, who are possibly the world's most adorable couple and suuuuper talented. And they just announced they're adopting--from Uganda! Eeps!

And Samantha, the coolest photographer/traveler who I can't wait to meet. I think we'll be kindred spirits.

Kristin, who is oh-so-adorable (and a birthday girl today!) just exudes joy and happiness and I love love love her photographs, as well.

And the Shafers, whose blog post for The Archibald Project stirred my heart. Their power with words is incredible.

And last but not least, Rebecca! Her photos of her kids on Instagram make me smile every day and I can't wait to meet her and know her in "real life."


Not only is this trip going to be amazing and wonderful because of the people we meet and the stories we tell, my heart is so full knowing I'll walk away with 10 new friends, all incredibly talented and located all over the country. 10 friends who have a heart for Jesus and the orphan, who are passionate about using their gifts to serve. It truly is an answer to one of my heart's deepest prayers to have been given this opportunity to meet and foster relationships with other photographers who have a heart for the things I do. I know it's the beginning of a long friendship and I am just SO excited to see where it all leads.

Grab a cup of coffee and treat yourself to some beautiful photographs from the websites of my wonderful teammates. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and bookmark their blogs, too--we'll all be sharing stories, photos and snippets from Uganda and I know you'll want to see!