Jessi + Seth

Happy Wednesday! Does this week feel like it is CRAWLING by for anyone else?! Last week seemed to go so fast, which is weird because I was stuck in my apartment for four days because of snow! At any rate, I am so excited to share these photos of Jessi & Seth! The stars aligned for this wedding. It was SO much fun to shoot! A gorgeous couple, a perfect October day (yes this wedding was in October. Yes, it's January now. No, I don't want to talk about how behind on blogging I am!!) a hilarious wedding party, an all-around good time. My favorite! Jessi poured her blood, sweat and tears into planning this day. She was THE most on-top-of-it bride I've ever seen and I have to say, it seriously paid off! It was perfectly planned and so well-executed. Bravo, Jessi! Become a wedding planner! :)