Holiday Recap

Happy January! I am currently snowed in at my apartment. It is day three of the Indiana "Snowpocalypse" as they're calling it--how many times can we use that phrase before we phase it out? I think we've hit our limit, no? My car is buried under three feet of snow and the temperatures are sub-zero. Thankfully, my heat is still on, my pipes haven't frozen and I have coffee and a full Netflix queue. Hooray! I know it's January 7th already, and I might be past the window of sharing holiday photos, but who cares! Since no one has gone back to school yet from the Christmas break (schools were closed today and yesterday) I say I'm still good to share these. Matt and I had a wonderful Christmas filled with new traditions, lots of time with both of our families, tons of baking and goodies and some pretty wonderful gifts. Honestly, I thought my first Christmas out of the house would be a lot more strange. Not waking up at "home" on Christmas morning. Making peanut butter balls all on my own for the first time. Cooking Christmas Eve dinner. But, to my surprise, it wasn't strange. It was really, really perfect.

I spent Christmas Eve baking, reflecting on Advent, drinking way too much coffee and listening to Christmas tunes. Matt and Scout enjoyed a long afternoon nap (as is common around Casa Keinsley!) We hosted Matt's parents for Christmas Eve dinner and I carried on my mom's tradition of making a seafood dish. This year it was seafood fettucini alfredo with shrimp, crab and a homemade sauce. We discovered the roaring fire video on Netflix and each opened one present from Matt's parents before Mass. After church it was time to fill stockings for each other and then off to bed!

On Christmas morning, we woke up and exchanged our stockings. Matt and I had a modest Christmas this year, since we're super close to paying off student loans and really committed to that. (We follow Dave Ramsey's financial plan, if you're curious!) It was really fun to find things to fill Matt's stocking and see his face light up as he opened his little gifts. And huge props to Matt, who braved Hobby Lobby AND Michael's solo to find gifts for me.

We also got Scout a stocking filled with dog bones and a new brush. You can see how well he liked his brush…haha!

We made a delicious breakfast of pancakes before heading to my parents' house to do Christmas with my family. All except my older brother, who wasn't home from Seattle yet. We missed him!

We made a delicious Christmas cocktail, consisting of Bailey's, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, half & half, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It was amazing.

My mom makes this face every year when she pretends to be surprised that my dad didn't follow the rule to not get her anything. This year he gifted her a GORGEOUS necklace. Good job, pops. As usual.

Matt was a little excited to open his gift from my parents, a beer brewing kit! We're in for a fun adventure here at Casa Keinsley...

We rounded out the afternoon by playing a game of speed Scrabble, which is super fun in case you ever are in the mood for a game but not full-blown Scrabble. When it started to get boring, we changed it to Spanish words only. That didn't last long. Mimosas were involved.

A wonderful Christmas that I'll remember forever!! And now here we are in a brand-new year. I have sooo many sessions and things to blog and am getting really excited about my plans and goals for this new year. Happy Tuesday!