Scout the Dog

Happy Monday, friends! It's a snowy, cooooold day here in Indy. I have the after-weekend blues. This weekend was perfect. No alarm to wake up to, lots of couch snuggles and Netflix, playtime with our pup, cooking and baking, I hosted a fun Christmas party with some lovely ladies yesterday, just an all-around wonderful, wonderful weekend. There's always a bit of a letdown after a weekend like that, right? That's me today. I'm thinking hot cocoa and the bowl of York peppermint patties on my desk might help…. ;) I finally sent all of my camera gear off to Canon to be professionally cleaned and repaired. I feel like I got all new equipment back! It feels like it's been ages since I snapped just for fun, so I broke out the camera this weekend for some just-for-fun snaps of my favorite boys, Matthew and Scout! Scout's already had his debut (obnoxiously so, sorry guys) on my Instagram account, but I figured he could use an official introduction here in blogland :) We adopted Scout from the Hamilton County Humane Society right before Thanksgiving. I lost my last (and only) dog, Sadie, right before Christmas last year. December 7th. I was absolutely heartbroken, for a long, long time. I only had Sadie a little over a year, but she captured my heart. She was so smart, so sweet, so funny. She truly got me through my senior year of college, the stress of classes and projects, and the sadness of being far from Matt. She was my best friend. I never thought I'd love a pup as much as I loved that girl. Matt and I have been discussing getting a dog off and on, but the timing has never seemed right. And maybe the timing for Scout still wasn't right. I'll be the first to admit, he was an impulsive decision. But oh, how we love this fur ball. He has such a perfect personality, so goofy and funny and silly. I'm so, so happy he found a home with us and I can't wait for all of our fun adventures together! We took advantage of Matt and I having a weekend off together and took Scout to the park to explore the freshly fallen snow. He was in heaven!

We love you, Scout. Thanks for making our house a home.