you're getting there

It's that time of year, to start looking back at everything the year has held for me personally and in business. It's good and bad; I get so excited and feel so blessed by all the opportunities, and I get so burdened by all the dreams still unrealized, the trips still not taken, the goals still not reached. This blog post from Joy really resonated with me. In trying SO hard to balance everything, make my life look so effortless and perfect and put together, I feel like my head is going to explode most days. It's a constant battle to remind myself to slow down, to take it one thing at a time, that I have lots of time to "figure it all out" and "find the balance" and become whoever it is I decide I want to be.

So, if you're feeling like me, like there's SO many things you still want to do and see and accomplish, and like you're running out of time, take a deep breath with me. Let it all go. Trust that the good things take time. And know that you're doing SUCH and amazing job at all those things you're doing. You're incredible. You really are. We all are, aren't we?



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