MARRIED: steve + sara

I can't belieeeeeeve I'm JUST now blogging the wedding photos for this sweet couple! Man oh man, the last couple months have been a whirlwind. I'm so excited to have a little break from photos (with the exception of one more wedding at the end of this month, which is sure to be AMAZING) and catch up on blogging my sweet sessions and weddings! Today's dose of photos: Steve and Sara! I've known Steve since high school, so I was thrilled when I got his email asking if I'd photograph him and his lovely bride, Sara, on their wedding day. They are the sweetest couple and it was such a joy to share in their day with them, their family and friends (many of whom were old high school pals of mine, as well!) It's such a treat to photograph weddings such as this one, where I know the couple, I know many of the guests, and it doesn't feel like work even for a minute. I'm so blessed to do what I do!

A verrrrrry belated congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Steve Geer!

Two of my best friends from high school who happen to be sisters (I'm sure you couldn't tell ;) ) They are dancing' queens! Maria and Monica, everyone!

See that guy to Sara's left? That's our friend Bill. And to his left, his beautiful wife, Liz. We <3 Liz and Bill. And Bill has some sa-weet dance moves!