Christmas at Casa Keinsley

Happy {Cyber} Monday! Are you guys doing any internet shopping?! Theoretically I'm going to get my Christmas "give" list organized this afternoon and try and snag some cyber deals for gifts...we'll see. I'm recovering from the flu so I'm not sure how much will get accomplished today! I haven't had the flu in YEARS. It sucked. Thank goodness I had my sweet husband to take care of me and take me to get a hot fudge sundae :) Aside from getting sick, we had the BEST long weekend. I only worked until noon or so on Wednesday and took the whole rest of the week/weekend off work--including email! Man, it feels so good to do that from time to time and I find that it's so necessary! It's so easy to get burnt out when you're self-employed and feel like you never. stop. working. Cheers to four and a half days of no work, all play and LOTS of Christmas decorating!!

I've been dreaming of having my own home since I was like, 5. Needless to say I'm like that giddy little five-year old over here now that I indeed have my own home and can decorate it however I want. I went a little crazy with the Christmas decor and I'm OBSESSED with our little apartment. It's sooo cozy and cheerful! I had the biggest smile on my face upon opening our bedroom door the last two days (the door faces straight at the living room) and seeing the christmas cheer adorning our little living room. I'd love to share some photos of our "home for the holidays"!

I was super inspired by Emily Jones of Jones Design Co. and her recent guest room re-do, so I imitated it with a paper chain made from dictionary pages that I had on hand and some paper lanterns/pom poms leftover from past parties.

I replaced the photos in our gallery wall with Christmas-themed prints and photos. That "Noel" and reindeer head were made by yours truly, I bought the "Joy to the World" print from this Etsy seller and the photos were taken by my dear friend Lisa Walker. The little one on the upper left is actually our Christmas card for this year! The "Be Merry and Bright" card was a sweet note from my friend Chelsea and just too pretty not to frame.

After decorating the tree on Friday, I realized we didn't have an angel, star or any kind of topper. We're trying to be extra-thrifty this Christmas season, so I whipped up this little star out of branches I cut from a friend's house to use for decorating. I think we'll probably keep it for a few years, at least! And total cost? FREE! My favorite price tag.

Our tree is definitely a memory tree. All the ornaments (most, anyway) are either handmade ones from our childhoods or collections from travels. It was so fun to unpack them and carefully hang them and remember what they all meant or signified. A few of my favorites: the grad tassle bulbs I made with my and Matt's high school and college tassles, the pair of well-worn castanets we bought in Spain and the sweet little bicycle license plate we bought in Avila on our honeymoon!

I love the look of felt ball garland, but it was a little pricier than I liked, so I bought several packages of red pompoms at Hobby Lobby and strung them together with a needle and red thread to create my own cheaper version!

The rest of our apartment isn't really decorated for Christmas, save for a wreath on our bedroom door and this chalkboard which hangs in the hallway opposite the bathroom.

My office did get a little Christmas cheer, though, since I spend so much time in here!

Are you decorating your house for the holidays? Thanks for reading!