I'm switching gears tonight and posting a little design work I've been busy with over the last several weeks. A lot of people don't realize that I'm also a graphic designer and actually spend the majority of my "office time" working on design projects, not photos. Crazy, huh?! I've been super busy this fall with logo projects, website design and lots of items from my Etsy shop, so I'm excited to be sharing several of my favorite projects over the next few weeks. First up, the SoulCore website. My dear friend Colleen approached me about designing a website for the workout/movement she and a friend had started. Colleen is in my top five favorite people ever, so I'll always pretty much drop whatever I have going on in order to do whatever project she needs. So of course I jumped on board. Head on over to the website to see what SoulCore is all about. It's truly an incredible movement and I'm so blessed to be part of it! And actually, what started out as me simply designing the website has turned into me becoming a SoulCore instructor (Indy folks, I teach on Monday nights!) and who knows what else the future holds for me + SoulCore. It's so exciting!

For this project, Colleen and Deanne wanted a simple but beautiful website. They wanted to bring in a really natural feel through the use of textures and other elements to imitate how the studio is decorated and to be in line with the overall message of SoulCore. They liked a simple color palette of natural tones, which I think we accomplished. They already had the logo designed by someone else (great job, whoever you are!) so I had that to work with starting off. I had the great opportunity to take all of the photographs for the site as well, which was really fun.  It was really important to Colleen and Deanne to have photos that captured the softness and spirit of SoulCore, which I think we accomplished.

I'm really proud of how it all came together! If you're looking for someone to work on your organization, company or personal website, send me an email at and let's chat!