The Big Apple

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is getting their week off to a great start...I sure am! I started a new little side job this morning...I'm helping a family out by driving their kids to and from school every day! The 6 a.m. wake up call is going to be quite an adjustment but I love that it's light in the mornings now, and the sunrise was killer. And I was in my office doing work by 8:30, which is huge for me. High fives to that. Last weekend I took a little trip to New York City to see my BFF, Chelsea, who works and lives there. We had the best time eating too much food, laughing our heads off, talking about life and business and relationships and marriage, and just exploring the city together. Chelsea took me to some of her favorite NYC spots and we had no real agenda other than wandering and catching up. I feel SO blessed to have Chelsea in my life. Our friendship is such a treasure to me and even though we're hundreds of miles apart now, I love how we can pick up right where we left off. I desperately needed some girl time and it was so wonderful to talk openly and honestly about the beauty and struggles of being newly married, the frustration and excitement of being newly self-employed and everything in between. I love you SO much, Chels, and I'm so grateful for you!

Here's some snaps of my trip, if you'd like to see...

Chelsea has the cutest 16th floor apartment, as well as the cutest cat.

On Saturday, we went out to breakfast at an adorable place in Chelsea called Cafeteria (amazing French toast!) and then walked along the High Line for a bit. Such pretty views! We wandered around Chelsea Market (Chelsea the human had never been!) before stumbling across an adorable Harvest Festival in the Meatpacking District. And of course, we had to stop into the Kate Spade Saturday pop-up shop.

Then we headed to the Flatiron District (that building is so weird!) and I had my first-ever Shake Shack experience. Hello, delicious! We also walked by THE Ray's Pizza that is mentioned in Elf, so that was pretty neat. One of my favorite things about New York is that it feels like no matter where you go, something was filmed there, something famous happened there or someone famous lives there. So silly, but so fun!

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking through Union Square, Columbia, Washington Square Park, the East Village, SoHo and Greenwich (I think?!) We stopped by a Banksy art piece at Elizabeth and Houston, which was crazy to see in real life. There wasn't really much to see, persay, since it was covered with a tarp and we didn't stay for the actual show, but it was cool nonetheless! We also stopped outside the deli from When Harry Met Sally and I squealed. Love that movie!

I had my first-ever falafel at Mamoun's in Greenwich!

We rounded out the day with a night on the time with some friends from home. We went to a bar called Crocodile Lounge where they give you an entire free pizza with every drink you buy. Genius!

Sunday started out with a visit to Central Park. I'd been once before, but it was January and miserable, so it was amazing to see the park in all its' fall glory.

We walked up 5th Avenue a bit and then caught the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge...

I've always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (#97 on my three-year goal list, check and mark!) and we finally made it happen! The weather was absolutely perfect and the views were amazing. We spent the afternoon wandering around the Dumbo/Williamsburg areas ("wander" is a loose term, don't you think, Chelsea? ;)) and checking out the cute shops and waterfront. Perfect way to while away a Sunday, if you ask me!

The sunset Sunday night was unbeatable. Absolutely breathtaking views of Manhattan from across the water.

We wrapped up the trip with dinner at a cute English pub in Union Square and I caught a morning flight back home on Monday. It was such a great getaway weekend...already planning the next one!