a lesson in Brooklyn

Happy Tuesday! I flew back yesterday from a whirlwind weekend trip to NYC and then Matt took the afternoon off work to hang out with me so it felt like the weekend...so today really feels like Monday. Anyway.

I spent the weekend visiting my dear friend Chelsea who lives in Manhattan and works for TIME Magazine. It was the best weekend full of gorgeous weather, wandering around the city, silly photos, endless laughter, so much food and great conversation. Full post coming soon, but suffice it to say that I feel so renewed, refreshed, inspired and truly invigorated. We visited this adorable shop in Brooklyn called Dabney Lee. Dabney is a designer and mom of triplets. She runs this adorable little shop on top of running her life. As we perused the shop, it hit me: I'm tired of waiting. Life is never going to hand you the perfect set of circumstances to pursue your dreams. There won't be a sign from the universe saying "I've got all your ducks in a row! Today is the day to go for it!" You simply just have to go for it. And trust that it will work out. And know that it will be messy, and you're going to make mistakes, and no one is an expert at anything the first time. So many of my biggest inspirations, be it designers, photographers, bloggers, whatever, are all just people. People with spouses, kids, bills, stresses, people who make mistakes but keep at it anyway.

I've just been so afraid at failing that I haven't let myself even start. There are SO many ideas, dreams and plans floating around my brain but I haven't let myself really pursue them because of the fear that it's "not the right time" or that I'll make too many mistakes. But there's never a good time! There is only life. And life is today. So I'm going for it.

And that is what I learned from the cute little design shop in Brooklyn :)

XOXO, Valerie