thankful thursday

This week has been THE craziest week of my life. Nannying 6 kids, which means staying at their house overnight, then rushing home to fit 8 hours of work into 4, then rushing back for them to get home from school, then rushing from this practice to that game to that dance lesson, a zillion loads of laundry and dishes and a dog who is constantly chewing socks. I am exhausted. But being so thoroughly spent, mentally and physically, makes me more aware of the little blessings too. So I thought it was a perfect time to share another Thursday Thankful List. Because even though I've almost completely lost my mind multiple times this week, I'm also so grateful for all the blessings being lovingly thrown my way.

This week, I'm especially grateful for:

  • fall leaves changing right before my eyes
  • chilly mornings
  • rain
  • hot tea
  • cozy slippers
  • couch naps (I managed to fit one in!)
  • a clean apartment
  • apple pie for breakfast
  • catching up with a friend over lunch
  • calling my mom
  • big hugs
  • belly laughs
  • moments of peace and quiet
  • the perfect-smelling candle
  • a long shower
  • prayer time
  • wonderful women of God who are examples to me daily
  • good hair days
  • finding time to put an outfit together
  • a cleaned-out car
  • houseplants
  • and most of all, my wonderful, dependable, patient and loving husband. he has been the absolute BEST this week!

Happy Thursday!