Ryan + Claire

Hi friends! Happy Monday! What a GORGEOUS day it is here in Indiana. I'm just loving this fall weather. And it doesn't hurt that I just baked cupcakes so I have the delicious smell of fresh Funfetti wafting my way :) I'm staying with six kids this whole week while their parents are in Italy. SIX. Can you believe it?! Absolutely nutty. Excuse me while I run around like a total crazy person for the next five days... Annnnyyyywayyy I'm so pumped to share these photos of Ryan and Claire! Ryan and Claire are some of my favorite kids in the world and their mom is just so sweet. I always love my SUPER candid and super hilarious sessions with them! These are probably my favorite I've done of these two. Love watching kiddos grow up! Thanks for another great session, Ryan and Claire!

My favorite photo of Ryan! His super intense, super focused inquisitiveness just shines through this image, doesn't it?

A little behind-the-scenes action to show you what my kids' sessions usually consist of ;)