Annie's outfits / 1

YOU GUYS! I am soooo excited to introduce a new series on my blog by my friend, Annie.


(Let me pause there for a second and say a little something. A couple people have asked me recently about all the non-photo and design-related things here on my blog. "I really like your blog, but you haven't really had many photos up lately. Aren't you a photographer?" And I totally get it, you go to a photographer's blog and expect to see photos. But the reality is that I, like everyone, have a whole slew of interests besides just what I do for work! And this blog is my outlet for all of those interests. Cooking, baking, outfits, crafting, travel, writing, fitness--the list goes on. And it's really important for me to find keep finding inspiration in order to stay energized in the career I've chosen, a career which requires what feels like endless inspiration. So that's where my blog comes in--sharing things that inspire me, sharing things that I hope inspire others and sometimes sharing things just because they're cute/funny/thought-provoking. Ok, end monologue.)

So, Annie. Annie is just a ray of sunshine. Seriously! She is so fun to be around, so funny and such a leader. I mean, just look at this outfit she pulled together. If I could describe Annie in one word, it would be BOLD. She inspires me daily with her outfits and philosophy when it comes to personal style. I'm so excited to showcase some of Annie's rad outfits here on the blog. I'll let Annie talk a bit about her personal style in her own words...

"There's something about getting unique items, knowing that you probably aren't going to run into someone wearing the same thing. It seems however that insecurities lead us to stray back to the 'normal' outfit to blend in. When I really think about it, it seems insane. No one else's opinion should matter. Your style is something you can control, something our own self creates to express ourself. My best advice is to not be afraid to try something new, who cares if someone or even no one likes it! Truth is people are probably going to be envious of your courage to walk out and be confident in what you are wearing. Or maybe you really did a fashion flop... WHO CARES. Fashion is one of those things that is always going to be dissected by everyone. It's up to you to push that envelope & just be confident in yourself. Sure, it takes some time. But I think wearing what you love makes you happier in the end."

"This is my first velvet piece since the 90's (when my mother had me in all kinds of velvet.) & I must say I still love it. Not everyone is going to love velvet of course, but that shouldn't matter. Pick out pieces that will make your style grow & hopefully inspire others to go for a different look."
"I'm insanely proud of my CK jean shorts, such a great find while treasure hunting at Goodwill. With stores now charging +$50 for a pair its worth it to dig down the denim aisles."
"I've been trying to expand on my accessories lately, fell in love with Alex & Ani's simple bangles & I've been experimenting with the stacked rings. Remember that you shouldn't be afraid to try-on something new, you can always leave it out of the next day's outfit." 
"Fall & black tights go together like milk & cookies. Don't pack up those shorts just yet! Match them up with boots, layered socks/tights or even Converse sneakers."

shop Annie's look:

glasses: Warby Parker
lipstick: MAC
Velvet Floral Cropped Top: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Gold Bangles: Alex & Ani
Varied Stacked Rings: H&M
Cream Woven Clutch: Francesca's (similar)
DIYed Calvin Klein High-waisted shorts: Goodwill
Black Opaque Tights: H&M London
Maroon Converse High Tops (similar)