the cox family

Happy Monday! I have to say, I'm all smiles this Monday afternoon. After fighting some icky flu/cold last week and a completely INSANE week of work, I had wonderful weekend filled with all my favorite things and was so excited to wake up to find that chilly fall weather has arrived in central Indiana, finally! And it doesn't hurt that my gluten-free flour finally came in the mail today (where would we be without online shopping?!) so I can get my pumpkin muffin on. Hooray! Hope your Monday is going swimmingly, too :) I'm so excited to introduce the Cox family! Amy and Ben and their sweet daughters stepped in front of my camera last month for a relaxed, candid session. Heavy emphasis on the candid! Amy told me in her initial email that her #1 goal was to get a bunch of fun, candid shots because she felt like this precious time in their life was slipping by without enough photos to capture it. Amy, I think it's safe to say we did just that! Abby, who is 4, was SO much fun and such a goofball throughout the whole session. Running, jumping, laughing, she never sits still! I'm so thrilled to have captured her personality in these photos. And Audrey? Talk about Miss Independent! I had so much fun chasing this foursome around the meadow park and capturing this sweet, crazy, precious time of their life.


Ben coaches runners, so of course he was chasing the littles all over the place. Abby even showed me her very impressive starting block form :)

These next three photos are Abby's personality in a nutshell. Such a free spirit!