happy birthday, mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! I cannot even begin to imagine my world without my mom. She's on a plane to Mexico right now to spend a few days relaxing on vacation with my dad, and the idea of not talking to her 3 or 4 times a day makes me really nervous! I love you to the moon and back, mom. Thanks for answering every question about where to find the olives in Kroger or how to put the lid on my food processor. Thanks for sewing me things and teaching me things and laughing with me and never letting me quit a sport even when I hated it. Thanks for teaching me to respect myself and to never be the one to pursue a guy too much. Thanks for teaching me how to find a bargain and to never buy something unless I love it. Thanks for never pressuring me to be smaller, smarter, prettier or more athletic, but loving me exactly for who I was, mismatched outfits and ridiculous hair and all.

You have always been my biggest fan and very best friend, but never too much of my friend to always still be my parent and for that I am very grateful. You're the best ma around. Happy birthday!!

(that's my mimi on the left--her birthday is tomorrow! photo circa 1992.)