travelcrush: the american west

Growing up, my family always took vacations for spring break, Christmas or Thanksgiving. We went to places like Florida, Mexico, Alabama, New York, Arizona and (my personal favorite) on dirtbiking trips to Kentucky and Tennessee. But I've never been to some of the coolest parts of our country--places like Montana and Idaho, Glacier National Park or Yellowstone. A friend from college recently took a roadtrip honeymoon through the wild west and I kept seeing gorgeous snaps on her instagram feed and fell in love. How have I never visited these amazing places before? It's definitely next on my list for a big trip. Driving from Indiana to the west coast or something crazy, and seeing all of the gorgeous country along the way. I discovered an incredible Flickr feed with BEAUTIFUL photographs of the American west. Here are a few of my favorites. Can't wait to visit myself!