happy friday!

Oh, I am SO glad it's the weekend. What a week! I feel like my weeks lately have been SO long. Couple that with working a lot on the weekends between babysitting and photoshoots (I'm in the thick of busy season!) and I'm just exhausted! I'm so looking forward to a weekend of no work. Instead, I'll be heading to visit my brother at his college family weekend, stocking up on fruits and veggies at the farmer's market and spending some much-needed girl time with a dear friend. Here's to sunny days, some sleeping in, lazy cups of coffee and trying not to miss my husband (who is working ALL weekend) TOO much. XO! & just for fun, some snaps of my nannying life:

1. he's never happier than with his pinwheel // 2. trying to direct a 3-year old in iPhone photography  // 3. a very determined bubble-blower // 4. the happiest boy in a swing. Life is just so sweet!