Rocco is ONE!

I feel like I need to clean cobwebs out of the corners of this blog, yeesh!! With just TEN DAYS to go until my wedding, things are craaaazy busy! But I vowed to catch up before leaving on my extended three-week Spain honeymoon (more on that later!) so here goes! Sweet baby Rocco turned a whole year old today. I have been SO blessed to have his sweet family in my life over the past couple of years. Sarah and Chris have always been my dream clients, always willing to go along with whatever I suggested and working really hard to ensure their photos turned out well, from outfit choice to location choice and just everything! I wish my full-time job could be just photographing their precious family! I've also been so blessed to babysit their kids, Rocco and Lena, and they bring SO much joy to my life. And, to top it off, Sarah and Chris have been Matt and I's sponsor couple as we prepare for marriage and we couldn't have asked for better mentors or friends. I could go on and on...I just ADORE this family.

Anyway, for Rocco's one-year photos, Sarah really wanted to incorporate balloons, which happen to be Rocco's favorite! So she bought a bunch and we headed to the park. I can't even handle the cuteness that ensued. Happy 1st birthday, sweet Roccodoodle!!

(PS-bear with me if these images seem a little "off"...I sort of recently got a new computer along with the website overhaul and am changing my workflow and editing process a bit and it still needs some tweaks!!)