a lovely bridal shower

Oh my goodness, my heart is still so full from my wonderful bridal shower this weekend! My maid-of-honor, Haley, and my mom threw me a truly amazing brunch on Saturday. So many of my friends from high school and college were there, girls I babysit and their moms, my grandma and great-aunt, my younger cousins, several of my mom's really good friends, neighboors, just a big group of AMAZING women that I am blessed to have in my life! We drank mimosas, ate delicious food cooked by my mom, played fun games and I was truly "showered" with gifts. The weather was perfect and despite many flight delays, Chelsea made it before the end! It was so fun to have people from all different areas of my life altogether in one room and it went by WAY too fast! I know the wedding will feel the same, times about ten. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came (and those who were with us in spirit even though they were far away, like my friend Sarah who joined in via FaceTime!) for sharing in my day and celebrating with me. It was too fun!

Here's some photos, if you'd like to see!

striped straws make every party better ;)

we went a little Pinteresty with the decor + food setup...the theme was "blushing bride" so there was plenty of pink!

We played the game where you divide into teams and make a wedding dress out of toilet paper...I have some creative friends! It was so hard to choose a winner.

We played another fun game called "two truths and a lie" where each team had to come up with two true things and one lie about me and the other teams had to guess which was which. It made for some good story-telling! Then it was onto presents. Opening presents in front of a group of people is a bit strange. I got THREE copies of the Young House Love book, how funny is that?! My friends know me and my DIY streak well ;)

Chelsea arrived during the present opening and I flew across the room to jump on her. It had been four months since seeing each other! Too too long, in my opinion. The weather was perfect, so we took photos on the porch before everyone left.

Haley Rae (and mom!), thank you SO so much for throwing me a truly wonderful shower! I can't believe I ever doubted your maid-of-honor skills ;)