Thursday Thankful List / no. 05

What a rough week it's been. It's hard for me to blog when I feel so sad and not so typically bubbly-sunshiney-Valerie. It feels a little like the whole world is going crazy, no? That's how it feels to me. The terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon, days of tornados/severe weather across my beloved Midwest, people mailing poison in a letter to the president, an earthquake in the middle east, explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas, the list goes on and on. It is so easy to feel burdened and truly, defeated, by all the sadness and tragedy on the news or your Twitter timeline. I came across a quote on Twitter after being glued to it for too long on Monday, reading all the sadness coming out of Boston. Rick Warren posted this: "A crisis depletes your emotions.You must intentionally replenish them. Make a list of what restores you and do those things."

I love that. It's so true. So this week, I am grateful for all of these things that restore me, that bring loveliness to my life, that remind me that while sadness and evil and tragedy are real, so are springtime, and flowers, and little moments of joy. I'm making an effort to be more aware of incorporating these restorative things in my life. It's important to take care of ourselves, especially when we feel consumed by sadness. What restores you? I'd love to hear!


{ the things that restore me }

a world in bloom

cooking breakfast with Matt

walks with my dog

morning thunderstorms

watching the rain from inside my cozy office

laughing with my fellow intern, Jenny

a chance to see inspiring speakers (this week, I listened to incredible lectures by Jane Goodall and Oliver Blank!)

throwing my to-do list out the window

an extra hour of sleep

driving with the windows down (preferably on country roads)

watching the sunset

talking to my mom (daily!)

catching up with old friends


dreaming about future travel

treating myself

warm sunshine

feeling put together + confident

belly laughs

getting excited


Sunday nights

getting lost in the music at church


big hugs

silly jokes

text message conversations with my little brother

looking at photos from adventures past (like Haiti and England!)

freshly painted nails

bright scarves

the smell of just-cut grass

afternoon iced caramel machiattos (my weakness!)

k-love radio

xo, Valerie