be still.

My heart is heavy and my thoughts are with the Boston Marathon runners, their family and friends and everyone affected by the horrendous tragedy of this afternoon. I've completed a marathon. The feeling of crossing the finish line is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. You are entirely exhausted, yet you feel like every nerve in your body is alive and alert. You are running on adrenaline and nothing else. You want to collapse, yet join the throng of people celebrating the achievement. It is surreal and amazing and beautiful. But this afternoon, that changed forever. I don't think it's possible to cross a marathon finish line without thinking now about the events of this afternoon. Now is not the time to share speculative reports or politicize the situation. Now is the time to be still, to pray fervently, to give thanks. Holding all the hurting people -- literally and figuratively -- close to my heart this eve.