Today marks one year since Matthew James got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! It seems surreal to me that it's already been one whole trip around the sun since that beautiful April day. I remember it like it was last weekend! Have we really been planning this wedding extravaganza for a YEAR?!

I packed my weekend bag and left Muncie right after my Friday class ended. Matt had asked earlier in the week if I wanted to go take pictures as soon as I got to campus. There is a spot out on a country road in Greencastle that had become "our spot." Poor Matt let me subject him to my endless whims of "Hey! It's pretty today! Let's take the tripod and go take silly pictures out on our road!" Even thought I protested that we'd been to that spot a hundred times, that's where he wanted to go. I thought it was a little weird that he'd be the one to suggest a photo adventure, so I painted my nails just in case. Mint green. But I didn't get my hopes up. I didn't expect a ring for another month, at least. I was leaving to study abroad for the summer at the beginning of June and I figured he'd try to surprise me at a going-away get together, or something.

I was wrong. Instead, he surprised on a warm Friday afternoon, on the side of a country road in Greencastle, the same spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend. There were these HUGE cows in a field nearby, I'm talking humongous. I thought they were buffalo. 

We took some pictures using the remote with the camera on a tripod. I was hungry and we'd been out to this spot a million times. And, okay, I was really afraid of those cows. I told Matt I wasn't feeling the photo thing today. Could we please go get some wings?

"There's one more I want to take! Just press the remote." I pressed. He knelt down. I screamed. I started laughing. I repeated over and over again, "what are you doing?! ohmygosh, what are you doing?!" even though I knew exactly what he was doing.

He asked me to marry him. I was praying he wouldn't drop the ring in the tall weeds we were standing in.

And suddenly there was a vintage, heirloom ring on my finger and the promise of a husband. Matt picked me up and spun me around. We called everyone we loved. I couldn't stop staring at my sparkly new accessory. Engaged. We were getting married.

I still feel as wildly giddy as I did a year ago. Still somewhat disbelieving of my good fortune. I get to marry this man. I get to be with him forever. This man who is patient, loyal, and kind. This man who regularly stops what he is doing to help out anyone who needs it without a second thought. Of course he'll leave the party early to give you a ride home so you don't walk in the dark. Of course he'll turn the TV off in the middle of the game to walk over and help you through your biochem homework. Of course he'll pick up your EMT shift so you can go trick-or-treating with your kids. This man who is a follower of Christ in a powerful but humble way. This man who has a servant's heart, albeit different than mine. He doesn't want to run off to Africa; he wants to serve right here in his own backyard. This man who believes in me, believes in the person I want to become, and who is forever invested in helping me get there. I get to spend every day with this man who makes me laugh, who listens to my wild dreams, who sends me emails all the time about exotic travel destinations, who comes over to hang out with me, only to have me fall asleep after being here 20 minutes, and stays another two hours with me just sleeping next to him. This man who is humble, smart, talented and respectful. This man is going to be my husband, and I thank God for him everyday.

I love you Matthew James. Happy engagaversary :)

when he asked me to be his girlfriend // when he asked me to be his wife